The following music by Stanley Leonard is currently available through the Steve Weiss Music Catalog or from the publisher. Publishers are indicated in ( ) by the title of the work. A key to publishers is listed in the Publishers Guide at the end of this catalog. Music marked CD can be heard on the Canticle CD. Music marked CD2 can be heard on the CD Collage. Music marked CD3 can be heard on the Acclamation CD. Music marked CD4 is performed on the CD Reunion. Music marked CD5 is performed on the CD Retrospections. All CDs available from Stanley Leonard.

For a detailed analysis of the listed music visit An Annotated Bibliography of Percussion Works by Stanley Leonard written by Dr. Kyle Cherwinski.

Compact Discs

Canticle (L) The music of Stanley Leonard, with the composer performing and conducting the Duquesne University Alumni Percussion Ens.
Collage (C) The music of Stanley Leonard, with the composer performing and conducting Hamiruge, Louisiana State University.
Acclamation (S) The music of Stanley Leonard for organ, timpani and trumpet, with the composer performing.
Reunion (S) The music of Stanley Leonard and Brett W. Dietz with Tempus Fugit and Hamiruge ensembles.
Jubilate (S) Handbell muisc by Stanley Leonard - Three Rivers Ringers
Retropsections (S) - Music by Stanley Leonard and Brett Dietz with Hamiruge Ensemble


Unaccompanied Solos (Four Drums)
Collage (C) Grade 6 – Solo recital piece, pedal technique (CD2)
Canticle (L) Grade 6 – Solo recital piece, pedal technique, two movements CD
Danza (A) Grade 6 – Solo timpani with multipercussion
Doubles (L) Grade 6 - solo recital piece, pedal technique, double-stop technique.
Echoes of Nine (L) Grade 5 - based on the rhythms of Beethoven’s 9th symphony, pedal technique.
Echoes of Eight (AF) Grade 4 - using the rhythms of Beethoven’s 8th symphony, some pedal technique.
Echoes of Seven (F) Grade 4 - variations on the rhythms of Beethoven’s 7th symphony, some pedal technique.
Forms (L) Grade 6 - collections of four recital solos in contrasting styles, pedal technique throughout. CD
Madras (A) Grade 6 - Two contrasting movements, recital solo, pedal technique.
Solo Dialogue (L) Grade 4 - uses three tom toms in dialogue with timpani, no tuning. CD

Five Drums
Epigram (L) Grade 6 - A recital solo, two contrasting sections, slight Baroque style, pedal technique. CD
March and Scherzo (A) Grade 5 - Two movements, also uses two piccolo timpani or roto toms, pedal technique.
Solus (D) Grade 6, -Timpani/multipercussion solo recital piece, 4 tom toms, 4 crotales, Chinese cymbal, pedal technique.

Seventeen Technical Studies (AF) Grade 4-5 - Technical studies for three and four timpani 
Twelve Solo Etudes for the Advanced Timpanist (AF) Grade 3-4 Twelve short etudes in every key 

Solos with other instruments 
All of the following works require pedal technique skills. 
Canto (S) Grade 6 – Solo Timpani (4) and trombone, recital music 
Canto II (S) Grade 6 – Solo Timpani (4) and French Horn 
Concertino (L) Grade 6 - Solo Timpani (4) and Keyboard Percussion Ensemble (5 players) 
Duetto Concertino (L) Grade 6 - Solo Timpani (4) and French Horn, requires a skilled horn player 
Fanfare and Allegro (B) Grade 5 - Solo Timpani (4) and Trumpet, requires a skilled trumpet player 
Recitative and Scherzo (C) Grade 6 - Solo Timpani (5) and Percussion Ensemble (5 players) 
Rhythmix (C) – Grade 4 – Solo timpani (4) and percussion quartet 

Music for organ, timpani and trumpet, organ, timpani and flute 
Alleluia (C) Grade 5 -- Solo timpani (4) and Organ, based on the hymn tune Lasst uns erfreuen 
Ballad and Dance (S) Grade 3 – Solo timpani (4), organ and flute 
Celebration Hymn (S) Grade 4 – Solo timpani (4) and organ CD3 
Easter Fanfare (S) Grade 4 – Solo timpani (4), organ and trumpet CD3 
Easter Prologue (S) Grade 3 – Solo timpani (4) and organ 
Fantasia on Luther’s Hymn (C) Grade 5 -- Solo timpani (4) and Organ, based on the hymn A Mighty Fortress Is Our God
Fantasia on St. Denio (S) Grade 4 – Solo timpani (4), organ CD3
He Is Risen (P) Grade 5 – Solo timpani (4), organ and trumpet, Easter music CD3 
Hornpipe (S) Handel/Leonard Grade 4 – Solo timpani (4) and organ CD3 
Hymn of Joy (S) Grade 4 -- Solo timpani (4) and organ CD3 
In Dulci Jubilo (S) Grade 4 – Solo timpani (4) and organ CD3 
O Come Emmanuel (P) Grade 4 – Solo timpani (4) and organ, Advent music CD3 
On That Day (S) Grade 6 - Multipercussion, timpani, organ
Praise Ye The Lord (S) Grade 5 – Solo timpani (4) and organ CD3 
Prelude (S) Grade 4 – Organ and timpani 
Voluntary (S) Grade 5-- Solo timpani, (4), trumpet, organ CD3  The Rejoicing (S) Grade 4 – Solo timpani (4) and organ CD3 
Theme and Variations (S) Grade 3 – Solo timpani (4) and organ
Triptych  (S) Grade 6 - Multipercussion, timpani,  organ, reader, one brass instrument

Timpani Duos 
Duo for Two Timpanists
(L) Grade 6 - eight timpani 
Duologue (A) Grade 5 – eight timpani 
Four Duets for Timpani (AF) Grade 3 – three to six timpani  

Timpani Books, Collections, Methods 
Forty Hymns and Carols for Timpani (P)  
Timpani parts (2 drums) for well know hymns and carols. 
Pedal Technique for the Timpani (L)  
Exercise and strategies for developing pedal technique on the timpani. 
Orchestral Repertoire for the Timpani, An Introduction (L)  
A collection of complete timpani parts for study and performance. A sampling of standard orchestral pieces.
The Timpani: Music and Mechanics (S)  
A guidebook for educators, students, and performers, contains some exercises. 
Performance Resources for the Timpani (S) 
A resource guide containing learning and teaching techniques, musical examples and bibliography  

Snare Drum

Contemporary Album for Snare Drum (L) Grade 5-6 - A collection of time studies, recital etudes and duets. (This book is listed under Snare Drum Methods in the Steve Weiss catalog) 

Solo Percussionist

Unaccompanied Solos 
Choirs (F) Grade 6 - Three movement recital piece featuring percussion choirs of wood, metal, and drums.
Sonnet (S) Grade 5 - For solo percussion, vibe, multipercussion, and audio, improvisation and coordination with audio, based on  Shakespeare Sonnet 116. (CD for Sonnet audio is available for $8.00) 
Two Meditations (S) Grade 4 - Two sacred pieces for solo percussion, four toms and three cymbals, improvisation required. Ubique (S) Grade 5 - Multipercussion recital solo, graphic notation. 
Cascades (S) Grade 5 – Glockenspiel solo 

Percussion with other instruments 
Collage (S) Grade 5 - percussion solo and flute, graphic notation, keyboard percussion only.  
On That Day (S) Grade 6 - Solo multipercussion/keyboard and organ, suitable for concert or sacred use.
Shadows (C) Grade 5 – Solo multipercussion with keyboard percussion ensemble accompoaniment (CD2)
Triptych (S) Grade 6 - Solo multipercussio/keyboard and organ, reader, one brass instrument, suitable for concert or sacred use.
Will O’ The Wisp (S) Grade 5 – Solo multiupercussion includes vibes/ timpani and Clarinet/Bass Clarinet  

Two Percussionists

Continuum (S) Grade 5 - Keyboard (vibe, xyl, bells) and timpani (4), graphic notation. 
Duales (S) Grade 6 - Solo Vibraphone/marimba with multipercussion/timpani accompaniment. 
Three Duets (S) Grade 4 - Three J.S. Bach duets arranged for two keyboard players, recital music.
Pairs (R) Grade 4-5 - Two players, each with two timpani and multipercussion, short. 

Keyboard Percussion Ensemble

Ballade (L) Grade 4 – A melodic picture of quiet mountain vistas 
Four Canons (L) Grade 3 - Four Canons of Joseph Haydn arranged for four or more keyboard players.
Masquerade (Waltz) (S) Grade 4 - A slightly Stravinskyish waltz for six players.
Mirrors (F) Grade 5 - A serious concert piece for six players. CD4 
Mirror Canon (B) Grade 3 - A Mozart canon arranged for four players.  
Prelude for Four Marimbas (L) Grade 4 - A melodic, legato piece highlighting mellow marimba sound. CD
Processional (S) Grade 4 - A stately processional for four marimbas with optional percussion. (CD2)
Quarimba (L) Grade 4 - A quirky sounding quartet for three marimbas and bass marimba. CD 
Rise Up O Flame (S) Grade 2 - Based on a round by Praetoruis for six players, include chimes.
Scherzo (S) Grade 4 - An exploration in quiet sounds for seven keyboard players and one timpanist (2).
Serenade (L) Grade - 4 A melodic serenade for 5 players, includes bass marimba CD4 
Two Contemporary Scenes (S) Grade 3 - Two movements in two musical styles for keyboard trio, bells, vibes, marimba. 

Percussion Ensemble

Three Players 
Three Spaces (S) Grade 3+ - A bright, short, percussion trio using keyboard, timpani and percussion.
Trilogy (S) Grade 4 – Multipercussion and keyboard percussion 
Trioso (C) Grade 4 - A multipercussion trio, using a variety of instruments including Thai gongs, timpani, vibes and marimba. 

Four Players 
Bachiana for percussion (B) Grade 3+ - Four J.S. Bach pieces for 4-6 players, keyboard and small percussion instruments. Cycle for Percussion (S) Grade 4 - A quartet that requires the construction of some instruments. No keyboard.
Dance Suite (S) Grade 4+ - Percussion quartet using full score reading for each part, three movements, dancers optional. Housemusic for Percussion (S) Grade 3+ - Intimate music for percussion quartet using ideophones and bells.
Telin-Ting (S) Grade 5 - An imagined oriental music for four + players. 

Five Players 
Beachwalk (L) Grade 5 - A rhythmically challenging percussion quintet. CD4 
Circus (L) Grade 4 - Six short movements highlighting the spirit and sounds of the circus. CD 
Closing Piece (S) Grade 4 - A short quintet using choirs (SATB)of triangles, woodblocks, snare drums, 4 timpani.
Presenting Percussion (P) Grade 3 –Demonstrates the families of percussion instruments, with narration
Incidental Music (S) Grade 4+ - Programmatic music requiring full score reading.  
The Advancing Gong (S) Grade 5 - Full score reading with tape for 5 players. 
Three Rivers (S) Grade 4 – Quintet describing the flow of three rivers. 
Winged Chariot (C) Grade 5 -The rhythms fly from beginning to the end. CD4 
Word Games II (S) Grade 5 - Three movements, full score reading and some theatrical activity. 

Six Players 
Danza Bamboo (C) Grade 5 – The rhythmic sounds of bamboo dancing in the wind 
Four Images (L) Grade 3+ - Traces the sounds of percussion through four musical styles. CD 
Four Dimensions (L) Grade 3+ - Same as Four Images. 
Marche (D) Grade 4+ - Uses some unusual performance techniques in a traditional form. 
Promenade (L) Grade 4 - A slightly offbeat processional. 
Zanza (S) Grade 4 – An imaginary dance celebration for percussion featuring a Kalimba. (CD2) 

Seven Players 
Sacred Stones (C) Grade 6 - A major work, very rhythmically challenging, requiring bass marimba.
Interiors (S) – Grade 5 – Space and time working together sending a message 

Eight Players 
Antiphonies (D) Grade 6 - Difficult, but good-natured music for two percussion quartets. 
Encounters (S) Grade 4 - Encountering some unusual instruments 
Ex Machina (D) Grade 5 - A serious concert piece, some rhythmic challenges, requires bass marimba.
Etowah  (S)  Grade 4 - Celebrating Native Amercians
Fanfare, Meditation, and Dance (S) Grade 5+ - A difficult major work in three contrasting movements.
Main Street (L) Grade 5 – The rhythms of a small town’s main street  
Six Bagatelles (C) Grade 4+ - Six contrasting movements. 

Nine Players 
Dream (S) Grade 4 - Tribute to creative energy
Symphony for Percussion (D) Grade 5 - Four movements, each movement featuring a family of percussion instruments.  
Mvt 3, Xylem- (CD2) 
Kymbalon (C) Grade 5 – Based on an ancient Greek melody, featuring cymbals, mallet instruments, drums. (CD2)

Ten Players 
Skies (D) Grade 6 - A serious concert piece, requires bass marimba. CD4 
Traveling Music (L) Grade 5 - A concert opener, highlights percussion sounds from around the globe. (CD2)
Voices (S) Grade 6 – Solo percussion quintet with keyboard ensemble (5) CD4 

Twelve Players 
Festival Fanfare (S) Grade 5 – A percussion fanfare requiring bass marimba.  

Fourteen Players 
Hurricane (C) Grade 5 – The sounds and rhythms of a hurricane (CD2) 
Janissary Band (C) Grade 4 – An imagined music of the Turkish Janissary Band  

Percussion Ensemble with other Instruments or Voice 
Genesis (S) Grade 5+ - Five percussionists and chorus tell the Biblical creation story. 
Good Christian Men Rejoice (D) Grade 4 - The Christmas carol, for ten percussionists and four octave handbell choir. Three Sketches (S) Grade 4 -Three movements for percussion quartet and trumpet. 
Winter Fantasy (D) Grade 4 - For ten percussionists and four octave handbell choir, winter music. 

Music and CD Distributor 

Steve Weiss Music 
2324 Wyandotte Rd., Willow Grove, PA 19090, 215-659-0100 

* Music not currently in the Steve Weiss Catalog is available from the publisher; this includes music marked with (S) Stanley Leonard  Percussion Music.  

Publishers Guide

(A) Bachovich Music – PO Box 20537, Columbus, OH 43220-20537, 1-614-563-0707,
(AF) Alfred 
(B) Boosey and 
(C) C. Alan Publications – PO Box 29323, Greensboro, NC 27429, 
(D) Drop6 Media, 
(F) Studio Four Music – PO Box 467, Asbury Park, NJ , 1-732-774-0011, 
(L) Ludwig Masters Publications, - See also 
(P) Per-Mus Publications – PO Box128333, Columbus, OH 43221, 
(R) RowLoff Productions – PO Box 292671, Nashville, TN 37229, 1-800-624-8001, 
(S) Stanley Leonard Percussion Music – 4882 Berkeley Dr., Naples, FL 34112, Use Contact Page of this web site

Price List for Stanley Leonard Percussion Music (S) January 2021


  • The Timpani: Music and Mechanics
  • Performance Resources for the Timpani

Compact Discs

  • All Compact Discs
    5.00 each

Keyboard Percussion Ensemble

  • Masquerade (Waltz)
  • Processional
  • Rise Up O Flame
  • Scherzo
  • Two Contemporary Scenes

Percussion Ensemble

  • Closing Piece
  • Word Games II
  • Voices
  • Three Spaces
  • Three Sketches
  • Three Rivers
  • The Advancing Gong
  • Telin-Ting
  • Incidental Music
  • Housemusic for Percussion
  • Genesis
  • Festival Fanfare
  • Fanfare, Meditation, and Dance
  • Dance Suite
  • Cycle for Percussion
  • Zanza
    - Seven Percussionists

Solo Percussionist

  • Will-O-The-Wisp
    Mutliperc/timp & Clarinet/Bass Cl
  • On That Day
    with organ
  • Sonnet
    with CD
  • Ubique
  • Two Meditations
  • Triptych
    with organ
  • Collage
    with flute
  • Cascades

Timpani and Organ

  • Ballad and Dance
    (with flute)
  • The Rejoicing
  • Voluntary
    (timpani,organ and trumpet)
  • Prelude
  • Praise Ye The Lord
  • In Dulci Jubilo
  • Hymn of Joy
  • Hornpipe
  • Fantasia on St. Denio
  • Easter Prologue
  • Easter Fanfare
  • Celebration Hymn
  • Theme and Variations

Timpani with other instruments

  • Canto
    (timpani and french horn)
  • Rhythmix
    (with percussion. quartet)
  • Canto
    (timpani and trombone)

Two Percussionists

  • Continuum
  • Duales
  • Three Bach Duets